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Welcome to TheATeam Brigade Forum

Post  Mark on 4th September 2009, 23:23

Guests please note that this is a private and hidden forum.
Until your account is approved by an administrator, you will only be able to view select topics.
This process is usually handled within 12hours, so please be patient. (You may want to take this time to read over the rules and other threads publicly available)
This forum is for the use of 'TheATeam' brigade members (current and old) of Air Rivals EU version only.
Please create your account with your in-game-name so we know who you are and can quickly approve your account.
(in-game meetings or other measures maybe required to confirm your account creation is valid)

Register Here
Don't forget to check your e-mail!
You should be e-mailed to activate your account and once you've been added into the approved group.



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